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Kevin McNamee

Kevin McNamee, D.C., L.Ac.

Kevin McNameeBy blending the best of many treatment options at one location, Dr. Kevin McNamee affords the benefits of each during the patient’s office visit.

After completing his engineering degree at UCLA, Dr. McNamee enrolled in both Asian medicine (acupuncture and herbal medicine) and chiropractic (joint manipulation, nutrition, Functional Rehabilitation/physiotherapy) colleges where he learned how to think in two very different healing models. When asked why undertake such a demanding program of 30 to 40 units per semester he said, “It was a great time to do it. I had the energy to devote full time to immerse myself into each and meld the two into my patient’s treatment approach.”

After simultaneously completing the academic studies and two internships, over 4,000 hours, and clinical rotations in family practice at a Navajo Reservation Hospital in Arizona, he was accepted into a post-graduate program at Dalian Medical College in the Peoples’ Republic of China where he completed clinical rotations in their 1000 bed hospital. Reflecting upon his experience in China, he said, “You will never find a more gracious host than the Chinese. They took better care of us, their guests, than their own family members. A wonderful clinical experience working side-by-side with the various medical specialties treating the hospitalized patients.”

Dr. McNamee brought this multi-specialty training back to the Untied States, where he participated in several research projects which have been published in several prestigious scientific journals. After completing the research projects he opened practice where he has been for over 25 years, offering his blended clinical approach in Woodland Hills and Thousand Oaks.

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